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Behemoth invades Monster Hunter World today, extreme version hits later this month

The Behemoth invades Monster Hunter World today, and an extreme difficulty event featuring the monster is on the schedule.

Final Fantasy 14's Behemoth arrives in Monster Hunter World today, and two other new events, featuring Arch Tempered Teostra and Kushala, are on the way.

While the standard version of the Behemoth looks like a rather difficult fight, a more challenging battle with the monster has been added to the schedule.

Starting August 24 and running through September 6, an extreme version of Behemoth will arrive through the A Visitor from Eorzea event quest. Successful hunters will be rewarded with layered Drachen armor and a guild card title.

The Monster Hunter World Behemoth event kicks today, August 1 at 5pm PT, 8pm ET and on August 2 at 1am BST, 2am CEST.

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Arch Tempered Teostra will be the monster to beat August 10-23 during the Scorn of the Sun event. Another gamma (y) set will be available during the event.

In September, players will battle against an Arch Tempered Kushala through the Eye of the Storm event quest. Like Teostra, a gamma (y) armor set will be the reward.

Sounds like there's plenty to look forward to in Monster Hunter World over the coming weeks.

Alongside today's fourth title update starring Behemoth, Capcom has released a patch focused on bug and localization fixes. The notes are posted below.

Monster Hunter World title update 4 patch notes

Bug Fixes

Long Sword

  • A bug was fixed where Spirit Blade would be performed on its own when, after the player fails to connect with Foresight Slash, the R2 input would remain in the input buffer and execute after a side dodge was performed.
  • A bug was fixed where the Spirit Gauge would not decrease and damage would not increase when Jumping Spirit Blade III connected on a target with the Spirit Gauge at red. Damage will now be increased, with the Spirit Gauge being correctly consumed.

Insect Glaive

  • A bug related to Strong Jumping Advancing Slash was fixed where only the final attack would be receive the benefits from the Airborne skill. Now all attacks within the move will receive the skill buff.

Great Sword

  • Fixed a bug where holding the R2 button (PS4) or right trigger (Xbox One) while landing after the 2nd stage of a Plunging Thrust (after comboing into it from a Rising Slash after a slide) would not transition into a guard.
  • The behavior of the camera during Tackle I and II wasn't going back to normal when the action finished, resulting in unforeseen behavior. They have now been fixed to match the behavior of the camera from Tackle III.


  • A bug was fixed where a Mid Thrust would occur if you attempted a Guard Dash after a Counter-thrust.
  • A bug was fixed where a forward Guard Dash would occur regardless of the direction pushed.
  • A bug was fixed where a Guard Dash would not work if the player preemptively input the Guard Dash when the player and the direction pushed were completely the same.


  • A bug was fixed where a Charged Upswing would be performed when charging and attempting to perform a Spinning Strong Upswing while moving down a slope (before the player begins to slide).

Switch Axe

  • A bug was fixed where Directional Control Type 2 would not work properly when pressing forward during the Switch Axe's Overhead Slash.
  • A bug was fixed where Wild Swing's attack hitbox would disappear mid-attack when the timing to press Triangle (PS4) or Y (Xbox One) to perform Axe: Overhead Slash was too fast.
  • A bug was fixed where the phial gauge would not replenish when using a whetstone while the weapon was sheathed.

Charge Blade

  • A bug was fixed where the axe would continue to rotate when canceling from Super Amped Element Discharge to Amped Element Discharge with no phials stocked.
  • A bug was fixed where the connecting animation would not play and instead an attack would be performed when canceling the last half of a recovery animation (knockback, blow back, etc.) with Amped Element Discharge or Super Amped Element Discharge.


  • A bug was fixed where Dragon Piercer would fire outside the intended range when the reticle was moved out of range the moment Dragon Piercer is fired, and the player tries to aim the bow.


  • A bug was fixed where a Circle button action would be performed after an R2 special weapon attack, after the player jumps off a ledge with the Circle button during the middle of a Slinger ammo load animation (including when the Sword and Shield is drawn).
  • For this fix, we have rendered all buffered inputs invalid during the Slinger's loading animation. While buffered inputs are invalid even during the Sword & Shield's unsheathed Slinger loading animation, by canceling the loading animation there won't be any noticeable difference, so the impact on controls should be minimal.

Appraisal Weapons

The element value for Rarity 7 Taroth Strongarm "Spark" and Taroth Strongarm "Mire" Charge Blades have been changed to the following values.

  • Taroth Strongarm "Spark"
  • Thunder 90 -> 150
  • Taroth Strongarm "Mire"
  • Water 120 -> 180

Specialized Tools

  • A bug was fixed where usable time for mantles would decrease during animations such as sniffing tracks. It has now been fixed so that a mantle's usable time will not decrease when standing still, which was the original intent.


  • A bug was fixed where the effective time of a Cool Drink would be overwritten by a player using a Cool Drink with the Wide-Range skill active, without checking the current Cool Drink effective time. It has now been fixed so it will only be overwritten only when prolonging the effect of the item.
  • A bug was fixed where the effect of Might Seeds, etc. would be overwritten by a weak effect produced by a low level Wide-Range skill given to the player by a Palico. It has been fixed so it will only be overwritten when the effect is larger than the one already applied. (Players were only able recreate this bug with the above Cool Drink bug)


  • A bug was fixed where EZ Lifepowder's effective range was smaller than a regular Lifepowder. It has now been increased to match the regular Lifepowder's effective range.


  • Fixed a bug that made it appear (to players on the guest side of multiplayer) that monsters were sliding when knocked down on a slope and the down animation was replaced by a paralysis animation or similar.

Target Camera

  • A bug was fixed where the target camera would target another monster by itself when a targeted slain monster's body disappeared during multi-monster slay quests.
  • A bug was fixed where if you're using the Focus Camera and lock on to a monster moving between areas, repeatedly locking on and canceling the lock on would cause the camera to keep its focus on the monster. The camera will now properly cancel lock on.


  • A bug was fixed where players joining could not progress pass the loading screen if a quest failed while the host fired an SOS flare, resulting in the SOS flare continuing to stay active even when the quest was effectively over.
  • A bug was fixed where NPC dialogue would close automatically when the Hunting Horn's Health Boost (S) effect runs out. This fix prevents the Grimalkyne cutscene event in the Coral Highlands from getting stuck.
  • A bug was fixed where updated data between players differed when a player talks to the characters at the Resource Center when the limited bounties are being updated.
  • The height on Vaal Hazak and Arch-tempered Vaal Hazak's field of view settings have been tweaked.
  • A bug was fixed where if the player mounted Lunastra in a specific part of area 11 in the Elder's Recess, Lunastra would move to a location where the player is not permitted to go, and would be forcibly removed from Lunastra. This has been fixed by changing Lunastra's travel route when a player is mounted on her.
  • A bug was fixed where Lunastra would move to another area even if stunned by a flash pod. It has now been fixed so Lunastra cannot change areas when blinded by a flash pod.
  • Lavasioth's monster field guide data has been fixed to match the game parameters.
    Physiology: "Chest: Breakable" was fixed to "Back: Breakable"
    Rewards: "Chest Broken" was fixed to "Back Broken"
  • A bug was fixed where the "Reload" message would not appear when switching from a Light/Heavy Bowgun to a Gunlance during a quest.
  • A bug was fixed where sharpness level would not actually change when switching to equipment with the Handicraft skill equipped during a quest. Sharpness level will now go to its maximum level, accounting for the Handicraft skill.
  • A bug was fixed where the item window order would change unintentionally if the player switched between two equipment loadouts where the first specialized tool for Loadout A was the same as the second specialized tool for Loadout B.
  • A bug was fixed where the number of owned and used armor spheres would not correctly display under certain circumstances when upgrading armor.
  • A bug was fixed where, under certain circumstances when changing the color of layered armor, the color icon would disappear from all body parts except for the head when "Change All" was highlighted by the cursor.
  • Due to a texture setting mistake, the bloomers under the Blossom layered armor skirt displayed as black and white. They have been fixed to display the intended color, like the original armor.
  • A bug was fixed where a female hunter's legs would become twisted when performing specific gestures twice in a row while wearing the Vaal Hazak gamma armor.
  • The visual appearance of the following armor (including layered armor) have been fixed.
    1. Male character's hair would jut out of the Diablos Helm Alpha, Diablos Helm Beta, Empress Crown Alpha, Bushi Kabuto "Sabi" armor. It has now been reduced.
    2. When a male character is wearing Brigade Lobos Alpha, part of their hair would go into the head of the character, and could be seen when the character opened their mouth.
  • Unlike during a quest, when talking to a First Wyverian during an expedition, the following information was not revealed to the player. It can now be obtained during an expedition.
    1. Most slayed monster
    2. Least slayed monster
    3. Most captured monster


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