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Monster Hunter Rise is coming to PlayStation, Xbox, and Game Pass in 2023

The Sunbreak DLC is expected to follow in spring.

Monster Hunter Rise launched on the Nintendo Switch and PC back in 2021. Now, the action RPG is set to be rocking up on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and even Xbox Game Pass on 20 January 2023.

After rumours emerged about the ports, Capcom went ahead and confirmed it themselves after sharing a video to the Monster Hunter Twitter account. The tweet reads, “The gates to Kamura are opening up for even more Hunters!” with details as to what platforms the game is arriving on, as well as the release date.

In addition, the same Monster Hunter tweet confirmed that the Sunbreak DLC is set to follow suit, with that arriving on consoles during spring 2023.

The port to consoles is also introducing new features, with the Xbox Series X and PS5 versions in receipt of full 60FPS and 4k support, and the PS5 also receiving some support for the DualSense’s adaptive triggers. There’ll also be Voice Chat added to Xbox, PS5, and PC versions of the game, and on top of that, PC players will get to experience advanced graphics settings, and optimised support for the keyboard and mouse.

Whether you’re trying the game out for the first time via the likes of Game Pass, or are going to be replaying it, it seems as though Capcom have gone the extra mile to improve player experience with this port. Let’s not forget that the game will include all previously released updates and quests, up to Version 10, which gives you the opportunity to take on themed quests around Street Fighter, Okami, and even Mega Man.

The only bad news is that if you’re hoping to switch your save from PC to your shiny PS5, you sadly can’t. Monster Hunter Rise will not support cross-saves, nor will it support cross-play between consoles or generations. The only exception to this is that PS4 and PS5 players will be able to engage in cross-play with one another.

Arriving on 20 January 2023, Monster Hunter Rise is available to pre-order now, or can be played at launch using an Xbox Game Pass subscription. Will you be replaying the game, or checking it out for the first time in 2023?

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