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Monster Hunter 4 screens show enormous walking shark, nasty dragon

A bunch of new assets from the Frozen Sea map in Monster Hunter 4 introduce a couple of cool new monsters.

The first five screens show the Zaboazagill, an amphibious shark monster which is the mature form of the smaller Squagill. It can spew out a liquid which freezes instantly into armour or to freeze enemies. It can also hide using its natural camouflage, and inflate itself to look more intimidating. It eats everything.

The next six show Kushala Daora, a wind elemental Elder Dragon which returns from past games. It has hard plated skin, and it can produce storms using its wings, which makes it difficult to get close to. It can fly at will, has diving attacks, and can even blast you with its breath.

The final few screens show Felyne Companions and their Trends - attributes which govern their behaviour in battle. Matching your extra Felynes up with the same Trends as your main Felyne gives added benefits, so recruiting them in the wild is important.

The screens and the accompanying info come from an update to the RPG's Japanese website, helpfully translated by Siliconera. For more information, including a break down of what's going on in the menu screens, click through.

Monster Hunter 4 is a 3DS exclusive due in Japan in September; it has not been dated for the west but is pretty damn likely.

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