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Molyneux on Milo technology: it "actually does work"


Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux has told attendees at GameHorizon in Newcastle that Milo & Kate is still on the way from the studio.

Speaking at the conference on if the technology surrounding it worked, he said: "All that technology that we showed at E3 last year actually does work."

He was backed up by chair of the event Ian Livingstone, who said: "I've seen it. It works, Peter. Honestly."

Earlier during his talk, he said there had been some challenges in convincing people of its potential.

"Milo has been a really hard thing to do and a really hard thing to describe," said Molyneux, who's also creative director at Microsoft Games Studios Europe.

"I have real sympathy for the [Microsoft] people over in Redmond, because they understandably have some questions."

He also admitted that Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg, who said yesterday the game was just a "tech demo" and would not be released at retail, hadn't seen it in over a year.

Greenberg retracted his comments last night.

"Poor Aaron Greenberg - he's on the PR team, he hasn't seen it since last year, so he came up with this stock answer that Milo is alive and well and living in Guildford but it's still a tech demo," said Molyneux.

"I feel sorry for him, he hasn't seen the game since last year. If I had spent time with him and showed him the game recently, he'd know what was going on."

Molyneux reiterated that it would be shown at his TEDGlobal talk next month.

Thanks, GI.

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