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Molyneux: "I'm not a PR man"

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Peter Molyneux's said that frankness over Fable II's flaws has landed him in hot water with Microsoft, but defended himself by saying he's just being honest.

"The point is I'm not a PR man," he told Videogamer. "I'm just a developer. And when you sit down opposite people, people like yourself, and they look you in the eyes and they say 'are you happy with absolutely everything in Fable II?', I can't hand on heart say that we have got a state of the art animation system. I mean our animation system's pretty good.

"If I compare it to any other game we did before it's stellar but is it the best it possibly can be? No. And we've got lots of excuses for that. Our animation is going on all over the world simultaneously and that's why we can't focus on one character."

Microsoft was apparently less than impressed with his comments about "low points" in the game.

"I get into an awful lot of trouble for that," he said. "Now Microsoft has put these PR policemen in the same room to make sure I don't trip over myself. I do feel a sense of responsibility to people."

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