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Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Pack hitting XBL June 3


Activision has sent over a lovely mail, informing us that Infinity Ward's second pack of multiplayer maps for Modern Warfare 2 will hit first on Xbox Live June 3.

Not a bit surprising there, is it? PC and PS3 will likely get it a month later, should it follow in the Stimulus Pack's footsteps.

The Resurgence Pack features five maps and to celebrate, there will be not one but two Double XP weekends. First one starts Friday, May 28, and the second on Friday, June 4 - just in time for the new map pack - coincidence? We think not!

The mail, unfortunately did not provide us with details regarding pricing or the contents of the maps, so we'll go dig around a bit for you and threaten a few people.

Keep an eye on this space for a possible update.

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