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Modder turns Fisher Price controller into an Xbox controller, then proceeds to play Elden Ring

The Fisher Price toy controller can now be used to play video games, with thanks to Rudeism.

One modder went to impressive lengths to turn the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Game & Learn Controller into an Xbox controller, and it actually works. To demonstrate how the controller works exactly, Rudeism shared a clip on Twitter of them using the controller to play no other than Elden Ring.

While something a little more childlike could've been more fitting, what better way to demonstrate the capabilities of the controller (which lacks a right joystick, too) than by playing one of the more difficult games of the year?

When Twitter user Wario64 shared the Fisher Price controller could be bought at a discounted price, they also joked about it being perfect for Elden Ring. Well, modder - Rudeism - put this to the test.

Rudeism completely modded the controller to be a fully functional Xbox controller, and it can be used to play more than just Elden Ring. When it was pointed out that there's no right joystick to use, Rudeism shared that they'd actually modded the yellow switch to go left and right respectively, depending on which direction you move it in.

There's plenty of other buttons missing too, and this yellow switch deals with it all. When the switch is on different sides, the inputs for the face buttons change, too. For example, the 'C' button on the Fisher Price controller represents what 'B' is to an Xbox controller, but with one change of the switch, the 'C' button will then represent 'Start'.

For every possible issue with this controller, Rudeism has found some form of resolution. We can imagine it's quite tricky to use, though, for a toy controller.

The only original feature which might be annoying to many, but not to Rudeism, is the music of the Fisher Price controller. Whether the narration of buttons or the music will be a distraction when it comes to facing the likes of Elden Beast, only time will tell.

Oh, and as if this wasn't impressive enough, Rudeism also beat Dark Souls 3 Abyss Watchers boss using a dance pad back in 2016, and more recently beat Dark Souls 3 using only Morse code.

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