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Mobile, freemium segment most popular in the US - report

There are more consumers in the "free and mobile gamer" category than any other gaming segment in the US, according to the NPD Group.

In its annual Gamer Segmentation 2013 study, as reported by CVG, the firm found "free and mobile gamers" outnumbered other categories such as "core console gamers", "family gamers", "casual gamers" and "avid omni gamers".

Extrapolating from its survey results, the NPD estimated that 29% of all gamers in the US are free and mobile gamers, up 2% on 2012.

In other categories, "avid omni gamers" - who play on a variety of platforms, but primarily PC or console - grew slightly to 16%, while all other segments declined or remained static.

In somewhat concerning news for the rabid anti-TV protesters among you, one other stat in the report noted a rising trend; people who use their consoles for non-games entertainment increased 6% to 26% of respondents.

The report is based on a survey of 8,831 individuals aged two years old and up.

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