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Mirror's Edge reboot to right wrongs of first game, DICE explains reveal timing

Mirror's Edge has been gunning for a re-emergence for some time, and it's no secret fans have been eager for a second game since the first instalment dropped. DICE's executive producer Patrick Bach has shed light on why the studio is rebooting the franchise, how it hopes to right the wrongs of the original, and why it's taken so long to emerge.

First up, if you missed the Mirror's Edge reboot trailer, you can watch it again here.

Speaking with IGN, Bach stressed that he and his team wants to do something great with the series, rather than just putting a '2' on the end and calling the new game a sequel. If anything, it's a re-imagining of the original concept with all the wrinkles ironed out.

Bach said of last week's E3 reveal, "Why not now? We had to dwell on what it should be and what it could be, as well as find the right focus for the franchise, bringing it back and not just rushing it out there. I think the franchise deserves a proper launch."

Changing the free-running formula of the original might alienate fans however, and Bach knows this all-too well. "How do you innovate and move forward without ruining what made the game great?" he mused. "It’s easy to capitalize on gimmicks or things that are popular right now.

"Couple years ago everyone’s talking about subscription. That’s the no one is talking about subscription.... Jumping onto the awesome wagon that’s passing by is not helping your franchise if you have a great franchise. And Mirror’s Edge is one of them. We need to always remind ourselves what the game is at its core so we don’t move away from that.”

What would you like to see from the Mirror's Edge reboot? Let us know below.

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