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Mirror's Edge 2 due early 2016, new Need for Speed in Q4 2015

EA has indicated general release windows for a number of anticipated new titles.


Mirror's Edge 2 has an early 2016 release date.

EA confirmed the release plan in today's financials release, also noting that a new Need for Speed and a new Plants vs Zombies are coming in the same window.

Mirror's Edge 2 is in the works at DICE, and we don't know much about it. We know absolutely nothing about the new Need for Speed, after the franchise went single-studio at Ghost Games and then took a year off for the first time in ages.

As for the Plants vs Zombies release, we have no indication whether we're looking at a Popcap sequel, a new port (EA has got our hopes up before) or a continuation of team shooter Garden Warfare.

Update: during the post-release conference call, EA said the new Plants vs Zombies game will be a "bigger and bolder new console experience", and commented that it follows on from Garden Warfare.

None of these releases are hellishly surprising; the first quarter is becoming a majorly busy release period, and EA has shown a recent fondness for shorter PR cycles.

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