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Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy is “literally Plants vs. Zombies” - duh!

Grammy award-winner Billie Eilish has been around for a few years now, despite her young age. But arguably her biggest hit came via Bad Guy, an upbeat song about a guy who is bad, who also happens to be Billie Eilish. It’s complicated, OK?

Since the song released, eagle-eared (that’s a thing, right?) listeners have been noticing similarities between its synth melody and the Plants vs. Zombies theme tune.

Hell, the official PvZ account tweeted about it back in May last year:

Eilish recently admitted that the similarities are no coincidence.

“You know what it literally is?” she asks in her video interview with Rolling Stone. “It’s literally Plants vs. Zombies.”

Check it out below:

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If you’re wondering how the two melodies mash up, we’ve got you, fam.

Watch on YouTube

This isn’t Elish’s first video game connection either. Only the other week, the internet collectively lost its mind when people realised the singer’s mum, Maggie Baird, played Samara in Mass Effect 2.

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