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Someone has made SimCity inside Minecraft

Minecraft is infinitely more powerful and flexible than you, with your three-block high mud cottage, could ever conceive of.


Minecraft clearly gives you the creative freedom to build cities if you choose, but Simburbia is a whole new kettle of fish. Or whatever it is you put in kettles. I have never understood the fish thing.

A cleverly modded custom map, Simburbia pretty much recreates the SimCity experience - something detractors will argue SimCity itself did not do, ha ha - with "plot relationships, power systems, overlays, money, population, abandonment and of course disasters".

By gum, some people are clever. Take a look at the launch trailer below, and download the mod from Jigarbov.

Making games inside other games is something of a fashion at the moment, it seems. Some genius knocked up Minecraft inside Trials Fusion recently.

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