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Mighty No. 9 reviews - all the scores

Review scores are one of the many things not going well for Mighty No. 9.


Mighty No. 9 reviews - all the scores

No one could have imagined this to be the conclusion of the Mighty No. 9 story. What started off as one of the most promising Kickstarter projects, boasting a solid pitch and the talent to match, ended up being a disaster by most accounts.

Delays, delays, and more delays are just one of the many hurdles poor backers had to go through to see the game finished, even if they've yet to receive some of what they were promised.

Even the game's trailer seems designed to designed to p**s people off, as if the game's troubled development weren't enough. But, all of that would have been forgotten if Mighty No. 9 turned out to be a good game, which, according to reviews so far, it's nothing more than an average 2.5D action platformer.

Take a look:

Scores are out of ten unless where noted.

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