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Microsoft isn't bringing Xbox games to iOS as Spencer debunks rumours

Microsoft Game Studios boss Phil Spencer has kerb-stomped rumours that the company is bringing Xbox games to iOS and Android.

The rumour began as KLab confirmed it was working with Microsoft to bring Age of Empires Online to iOS, Android and Windows Phone formats. Then, a Reuters report sparked talk of Microsoft bringing Xbox games to the iOS space, suggesting the company was looking at console games to adapt for mobile platforms.

Microsoft then issued this statement on the matter, explicitly stating that Microsoft had no plans for further mobile games beyond Age of Empires Online for now.

Spencer then took a bolt-gun to the rumours on Twitter after a gamer cornered him on the matter:

So there you go folks, it's not happening, but should it? Could Microsoft clean up on iOS and Android? Let us know below.

Thanks OXM.

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