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Microsoft announces the next Xbox, Project Scorpio

Microsoft has just confirmed the existence of an upgraded Xbox One console.

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Microsoft has announced Project Scorpio, the next Xbox console. During its E3 2016 briefing, head of Xbox Phil Spencer said he believes it will be the most powerful console ever.

Scorpio will boast an 8-core CPU, with a GPU capable of 6 teraflops of computing power. This graphics processor in particular will be the most powerful in a console, according to the announcement. Scorpio will also have over 320 GB/s of memory bandwidth.

The announcement featured a number of developers like Bethesda, DICE, and many others talking up the power upgrade.

Microsoft promises "true" 4K gaming and "high-fidelity" virtual reality with Scorpio, which will coexist alongside the 2013 Xbox One, as well the newly-announced S model. All games available on either console, as well as accessories, will be compatible with Scorpio.

It's due for release holiday 2017.

Scorpio was reported as the codename for Microsoft's next console, which should be going against Sony's PS4 Neo. The rumoured 6 teraflops performance target also appears to have been correct, as was the launch window.

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