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Xbox One S launches in August - price revealed

The Xbox One S will support 4K resolutions, and is due to launch this August.

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Xbox One S launches in August

We've been hearing for some time that Microsoft had a new Xbox One lined up, and that was confirmed at today's E3 conference. Introduced as the smallest Xbox One yet, this console is 40% slimmer than previous models while fully supporting 4K resolutions and Blu-Ray discs.

Outside of the smaller size and high resolution support, the Xbox One S will have a few other nice touches for customers. Its HDR features will cover both gaming and video needs, a USB port has been moved to the console's front for easy access, and a new IR sensor is included in the unit. The design also supports a vertical stand, in case you don't have any horizontal openings on your gaming shelf. Finally, the Xbox One comes with an upgraded controller with new grips and Bluetooth support.

The limited edition Xbox One will launch this August with a 2TB hard drive at $399. Two standard editions with 500GB for $299 and 1TB for $349 will be available sometime after the limited release.

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