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Microsoft: 250Gb Xbox 360's are for bundles only


Aaron Greenberg has revealed that the 250Gb hard drive on Xbox 360 is to remain exclusive to bundled consoles.

"We're always evaluating, but for now we feel like the 120 is serving us very well as the standard offering, and then having the 250 as a limited edition is a good balance," he told Joystiq. ""That said, we understand that game demos [and] a lot of the game add-on content does take up space."

This reiterates what a Microsoft spokesperson told us earlier in the month, when it was revealed that a 250Gb HDD would be offered in Japan. We were told there were no plans to make the offer available elsewhere.

As far as limited edition bundles were concerned, he seemed happy that one for FFXIII was on offer.

"We did it with the Modern Warfare bundle, which, as people know, was a huge success, completely sold out," he said. "We're excited to bring it back with the limited edition Final Fantasy bundle."

Guess we'll just have to clean our drives more often then, unless we want to buy a second console.

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