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Metro Last Light: Boom town blossoms, see all new gameplay here

In our biggest gameplay reveal yet, VG247 got a hands-off preview of 4A Games' upcoming shooter Metro: Last Light. Feast your eyes on what we saw below.

VG247 has been mighty successful this year with our launch of video coverage, keeping you up to date will all the latest moving imagery from the most anticipated games. We're not holding back just because it's the end of the year. No sir-ee bob.

In our biggest gameplay reveal yet, THQ's 'Creative Strategist' Huw Beynon walks us through three different moments in the game.

From re-visiting the surface, to plunging into the flooded metro city of 'Venice' and finally getting into some sneaky stealth-action combat - it's mega. As well as revealing these new moments we thought we'd chuck in some gun customization as well, you know, for good luck.

It's brutal. Watch it.

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Metro: Last Light

PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Mac

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