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Original Metro 2033 is free to play on Steam this weekend

From now until March 15, you can play the original Metro 2033 for free through Steam.

The original Metro 2033 will also leave the service on March 15, so you only have a few days to play it.

The game is free to play this weekend to celebrate the franchise's 10th Anniversary. If you like what you play of it, you can grab Metro 2033 Redux for $3.99 this weekend.

If you want another game in the franchise, there's Metro: Last Light Redux on sale, also for $3.99.

Metro Exodus is also on sale for $13.59, and the Gold Edition is $19.49. Want all three? Then it will cost you only $29.98 for the bundle.

Metro Exodus DLC is also on sale. You can pick up Sam's Story for $7.19, The Two Colonels for $3.19, and the Expansion Pass for $9.99.

If you are interested in the games, this is a great time to get them on the cheap.

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