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Kojima: Metal Gear Rising to be first playable at E3 2012

Hideo Kojima's confirmed in this week's Famitsu that a playable build of Metal Gear Rising will debut at E3 in June.

Kojima was speaking as part of a roundtable interview for the mag featuring him, as well as Platinum Games CEO Tatsuya Minami and producer Atsushi Inaba.

The interview also touched upon how the collaboration between Kojima Productions and Platinum came about, which was previously detailed in a documentary video following the game's VGA unveil.

Kojima said the collaboration started getting serious at the Vita announcement press conference last January, with Minami adding that stealth was removed from the game because it didn't fit with the new nature of the game.

MGR is expected to release this year for PS3 and 360.

Thanks, Andriasang.

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