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Medal of Honor press event happening on March 6

EA's sent out invites for a press event for the next Medal of Honor overnight in the US following speculation the sequel is about to be announced soon.

Kotaku got an invite to the shindig. It also comes as PSM3 teased a shooter sequel for its next issue last night.

Featuring the insigmia that was on a leaflet in the release of Battlefield 3 last year, the event will happen on Tuesday, March 6 from 8.00pm PST (4.00am GMT).

We reckon this might have to do with an off-site event at GDC next month, just as it was for BF3 last year.

Internet sluth Superannuation said on Twitter last night the announcement would be made "in the next month or so." Consider this your one month warning, then.

The first Medal of Honor, rebooted into modern times, launched in October 2010 on PS3, 360 and PC. A sequel has been known to be in the works since early last year.

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