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MechWarrior Online adds custom paint jobs

Mechwarrior Online's latest patch has added a wealth of new content, the highlight of which is the chance to paint your miniature - I mean, giant walking tank.

Camo Spec editor allowing players to customise their Battlemech's paint job. Up to three colours can be applied in various patterns, so you can go for something unique or co-ordinate with teammates.

Just two patterns are available at launch - Dazzle and Phranken - but two more - Urban Block and Woodland - should follow soon. Cockpits can now also be decorated with items such as bobbleheads and banners.

Long term fans will be pleased to learn of the return of "B*tchn’ Betty" - I'm not sure if the asterisk is canonical. This fan-favourite voice will be introduced in small phases so keep an eye out in future patches for more audio appearances.

Finally the Frozen City map has been reborn in a new night version. Without the map's uaul storms, you'll have clear lines of sight, which ought to shake things up.

MechWarrior Online is currently in open beta.

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