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MechWarrior Online pre-order promo includes rare gear

Mechwarrior Online is finally on the way to the end of its beta and an official version 1.0 launch, and Piranha Games is offering a premium package of exclusive goodies to those who want to be well-kitted out when the MMO goes official.

The developer has launched a scheme called Project Phoenix, which is available for pre-order ahead of an October 15 release. There are four different packages available ranging in price from $20 to $80, and each contain a number of exclusive mechs.

All of the packages feature some variation of the following bonuses: a 30% C-Bill boost, 10% Loyalty Point boost, custom designed exterior, two bonus standard variant mechs, up to four faction cockpit medallions, an in-game title and forum badge, matching mech bay slots, and more.

If you buy in before July 24, you'll also score 30 days free Premium subscription, and if you already own a Founder's package of some kind, you'll also get a Founder's Icon cockpit decoration.

The unique mechs are described as follows, and will not be available ever again, apparently:

  • Locust – The Locust, a speedy reconnaissance 'Mech, infamous for its quick speed and extremely quick manoeuvrability, was first introduced by Bergen Industries in 2499. Weighing in at just 20 tons, the Locust has been a fan favorite for decades.
  • Shadow Hawk – The Shadow Hawk is a versatile and quick medium 'Mech at 55 tons, arguably most famous for its use by Grayson Death Carlyle of the Gray Death Legion. It was first built by Lang Industries in 2457 during the so-called ‘Golden Age’ of BattleMech creation.
  • Thunderbolt – The Thunderbolt is an eclectically armed heavy 'Mech weighing in at a whopping 65 tons and was originally designed as a heavier 'Mech by Earthwerks Incorporated in 2491.
  • Battlemaster – The Battlemaster is an Assault 'Mech with a storied history and has been used in countless historic battles throughout the Inner Sphere. With an adaptable weapons platform this 'Mech has been used in virtually every role and on hundreds of battlefields, including the Battle of Coventry by Wayne Waco, commander of the Waco Rangers and according to some, a pilot prodigy.

MechWarrior Online is a free-to-play mech combat MMO which has players re-enacting great battle's from the franchise's history in real time. It is currently in beta but expected to launch before the end of northern summer.

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