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Mass Effect 2 Firepower Pack out now

masseffect 2

BioWare's announced the Firepower Pack DLC for Mass Effect 2, hinted at last week, is out now on PC and Xbox 360.

The Firepower Pack adds three new weapons to Commander Shepard's armor locker:

  • The Phalanx heavy pistol: It hits like "a hand cannon but features increased precision with its integrated laser sight".
  • The Mattock semi-automatic rifle: A deadly and accurate weapon that can "eliminate waves of enemies thanks to its reduced recoil".
  • The Geth Plasma Shotgun: This "triple barreled monster" allows users to charge up each shot for increased damage, or just go to town in awesome rapid-fire style.

The DLC will run you 160 MSP on 360, and 160 BioWare points on PC.

Check out screenshots of it here.

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