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Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Roster - all launch characters, plus DLC leaks and rumours

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite is here - and here are the characters you can expect to play as from both universes.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite's launch roster has finally come together, through a variety of official reveals in story and gameplay trailers.

A few leaked character names are still floating around that aren't included in the line-up, so it's likely we'll see them as DLC.

On this page we'll cover both - the complete Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite roster for launch, plus the officially confirmed first DLC for the game and any further rumored DLC going forwards. This is the complete roster, basically, including leaks and rumors. Let's take a look...

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Confirmed launch roster

All of the characters below feature in the game on disc at launch. There's fifteen for each side, making for thirty total.


  • Captain America - Cap returns to the series with fancy new togs inline with the MCU. His moves haven't changed too much but he has a new second shield throw to add to his arsenal
  • Captain Marvel - Carol Danvers will be soon be joining the Marvel movie universe and is also making her first-time appearance in a Capcom Versus game as well. She's got projectile attacks and is a speedy attacker.
  • Doctor Strange - Doctor Strange made his debut in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and is returning with a slightly less flamboyant cape. Expect him to be as slippery as ever with his Sorcerer Supreme's teleportation
  • Dormammu - First appearing in Marvel vs Capcom 3, Capcom announced that Dormammu made the cut for Infinite
  • Gamora - Another newcomer from the MCU, Gamora was shown in the story trailer persuading Thanos to help her find the Infininty Stones
  • Ghost Rider - Another MvC3 face - and I'm using the term loosely - originally surfaced after some datamining. The full story trailer confirms that Johnny Blaze is making his return in September
  • Hawkeye - Hawkeye looks slightly less like a giant aubergine in his revamped Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite costume, and has ditched the helmet for a pair of sunglasses. Ant-Man is no longer a part of Hawkeye's super, lending weight to the rumour that he'll be a new roster addition
  • Hulk - The Hulk has been around since Marvel Super Heroes and is a staple of the franchise at this point. He's got himself a new wall jump and dash special, so fans of the not-so-lean, green fighting machine can look forward to that
  • Iron Man - Iron Man is another familiar face and was one of the first Marvel characters to be revealed, along with Captain America. His two new moves, Repulsor Array and Smart Mine, will serve to set him apart from the other heroes, as his playstyle hasn't really been defined in previous games
  • Nova - Nova is making a comeback for Marvel vs Capcom: Infininte. Fans of the character will be pleased to know that Marvel Comics editor of Nova, Bill Rosemann, is executive creative director on the game
  • Rocket Raccoon - Our furry friend is gracing us with his presence again, and is bringing Groot into the fray with his new Hyper Combo, which means we probably won't be seeing Groot on the roster
  • Spider-Man – Spider-Man is a fresh-faced addition to the MCU and a Versus series staple, and leaving him off the roster would have been crazy
  • Thanos - Thanos has been in the Marvel vs Capcom series before as both a boss and a playable character. This time around, he has an integral part in the story mode, helping Gamora find the Infinity Stones
  • Thor - Asgard's finest is back and he looks pretty much the same as his last in-game appearance, although if you pre-order Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, you'll unlock the Warrior Thor costume
  • Ultron - Mega Man X's Sigma and Marvel's Ultron have merged into one psychotic super villain in Marvel vs Capcom Infininte, and he has his drones to call on to help him stomp you into the ground


  • Arthur - Ghosts 'n' Goblins' hero Arthur was a popular character in Marvel vs Capcom 3. He's back with projectiles, and his handy lance and sword for some varied attacks
  • Chris Redfield - Chris is taking a well-earned break from killing zombies to make another Marvel vs Capcom appearance in Infinite. He's bringing his gun collection - rocket launcher and all - but won't shy away from a good old fashioned brawl
  • Chun-Li - This lady is in her wheelhouse, although even fans of her Lightning Legs aren't totally happy with how she looks in-game right now
  • Dante - Dante also got hit with the ugly stick, but he's supposedly easier to get to grips with than in Marvel vs Capcom 3, so that's something
  • Firebrand - Ghosts 'n' Goblins villain and Gargoyle's Quest star Firebrand (known as the Red Arremer in Japan) returns from MVC3, reprising his role as a strong airborne character.
  • Frank West - Everyone's favorite zombie-killing photojournalist returns after making his debut in MvC3. The star of Capcom's Dead Rising video game series was confirmed at Comic Con 2017
  • Jedah - Darkstalker's Jedah is a newcomer to the series. His name was initially dug up by dataminers, but Capcom revealed him at EVO 2017 during a short exhibition match
  • Mega Man X - Roster addition Mega Man X's reveal was a huge deal for Mega Man fans while simultaneously reminding them that it's been forever and a day since the Blue Bomber has appeared in his own franchise. Mega Man X has a temporary armour transformation and a charge shot to boot
  • Mike Haggar – Haggar was part of the roster in MvC3 and it seems like he couldn’t get enough, so he’s coming back for more
  • Morrigan Aenstand - Morrigan has kicked butt in Capcom's Darkstalkers series and in Marvel vs Capcom 3. Her Darkness Illusion hyper combo makes a return as does Soul Fist, but Capcom has said that she won't be able to spam the latter this time around
  • Nathan Spencer - The Bionic Commando, Nathan 'Rad' Spencer, is just as agile as he was in MvC3, with his zipline and bionic arm making him a juggling machine
  • Nemesis – Some fans aren’t psyched to see that Nemesis is on the roster rather than alternative characters from the Resident Evil universe, but they’ll just have to lump it
  • Ryu - Not a lot has changed when it comes to Ryu, but his alternate specials are worth a mention, as he gets a vertical fireball with the use of an Infinity Stone
  • Strider Hiryu - A veteran of the series, Strider is back with a familiar moveset, plus a new slash attack that can be deployed after a wall jump to take opponents from behind
  • Zero - Mega Man X's partner in crime was a favourite in MvC3, and he's making a return in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. There were concerns that he wouldn't be a playable character after his appearance in the cinematic story trailer, but he is indeed a bona fide addition to the roster

marvel_vs-capcom_infinite (6)

DLC Characters, plus further Leaks & Rumours

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is going to have a fully-featured suite of DLC characters, starting with six characters that'll be released between the game's launch and the end of 2017. Based on character appearances in story mode, official announcements and leaks, we have some idea as to who a few of them are.

Confirmed DLC Characters

  • Black Panther - A newcomer to the VS series roster and recently the cinematic universe, Black Panther is one of a small handful of characters whose in-game appearance had been influenced by the MCU. He'll be one of the first two DLC characters available, and puts in an appearance in story mode.
  • Black Widow - Black Widow is the last of the 'original' Marvel Cinematic Universe avengers not to make it into MVC Infinite, so it's not surprising to see her arrive as early DLC. She'll be a Marvel vs Capcom series newcomer.
  • Monster Hunter - A Monster Hunter lass makes an appearance in the story mode alongside Black Panther, and will be showing up as a series first representative in Marvel vs Capcom.
  • Sigma – Aside from merging with Ultron, Mega Man villain Sigma will be coming to the roster as a DLC character – the first of 6. We don’t really have much on him apart from that little nugget.
  • Venom - Spider-Man's evil doppleganger makes an appearance - a return to the series after MVC3 skipping over him. It'll be interesting to see if he features his MVC2 move set...
  • Winter Soldier - Bucky Barnes is a favourite with comic book readers and MCU audiences alike, so it's no surprise to see his name pop up in a list of datamined characters. He's another perfect candidate for a DLC character

Rumored DLC Characters

  • Ant-Man [Rumored] - An early leak pegged Ant-Man as part of the cast, and though he isn't in at launch he is curiously absent in one way: Ant-Man had a cameo in the previous game as part of Hawkeye's level 3 super, but he's mysteriously been removed from that super in Infinite. I wonder why...

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