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Mad Max wasn't the project God of War 2 lead Cory Barlog worked on at Avalanche

Mad Max was not the Avalanche Studios project God of War 2 lead Cory Barlog worked on, according to the firm's CEO Christofer Sundberg.

Speaking with Polygon, Sundberg said Mad Max has been worked on in-house for the last couple of years, and has one through several iterations.

"I don't know what [Barlog] worked on before he started working with us, but when we worked together he wasn't on Mad Max," he said. "The game has gone through a series of iterations. We've been working for it for a couple years."

Avalanche's Mad Max, according to Sunderberg, isn't a tie-in with the film Mad Max: Fury Road - which Barlog was rumored to be working on.

In 2008 Barlog was pegged as the lead developer on the Mad Max game by Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller, who said the game would be a tie-in to the film starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron.

In 2010, Barlog posted a number of tweets stating the game had come out of pre-production and it would be released close to the film’s debut.

Barlog joined Avalanche around the time the tweets were made, but he left the firm for Crystal Dynamics in 2012.

Mad Max is due in 2014, for PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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