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LOTRO Update 11: Treachery of the White Hand out next week

Lord of the Rings Online's Update 11: Treachery of the White Hand is out next week, and to get you ready to venture into the Wildermore, Turbine has released a set of shots and a video showing off the Eastern Rohan.

In the update, a Stone Giant named Núrzum, under the control of Saruman, is rumored as the source of this a fast, and unexpected winter. Throughout the region of Wildermore, villages have "suffered ravage and townsfolk have become refugees." It is your job as a hero of Middle-earth to save the imhabitabnats and destroy all evil.

The update will contain five news ares: Writhendowns, The Fallows, Whitshaws, High Knolls, and Balewood along with an update to mounted combat.

Along with the update comes Hobbit presents. Players will receive a Silver Hobbit Present each day they log in to LOTRO, and the rewards will vary from common to legendary goodies, each tailored to your logged-in character’s level and class.

VIP members will be getting improved offerings such as a custom character portrait frame, and improved bonus experience system and better Hobbit presents.

It's out May 13.

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