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You can now turn into a bear with LOTRO Update 15

Have you have ever wanted to play a human who turns into a werebear, as they are called in D&D, or a skin-walker as they are called in Native American culture? Then Lord of the Rings Online has a new character class for you: the Beorning.

Like Beorn in The Hobbit, the skin-changer class has skills available in man form, bear form and skills available in both forms. Instead of power pools, Beornings build up Wrath, which fuels many of their skills.

Any skills requiring Wrath will list the cost in a tooltip and Bear form requires Wrath to use and maintain. Some man form or any form skills may also require Wrath and the class can be speced to fill tank, damage, or support roles.

Players choosing the Beorning class will start off in a new starting zone called the Vales of Anduin.

Along with the new class is the added epic battle Retaking Pelargir where players will aid Aragorn’s forces in the defeat of the Corsairs.

Epic Story Volume 4 - Book 2: The Dawnless Day has been added and it starts off with Lothiriel in Dol Amroth.

Four new regions have been added to Central Gondor and along with other general changes, there are the usual class updates.

You can have a look at the patch notes for Update 15: Gondor Aflame through the LOTRO forums.

In the video posted below, VG247 alumnus Mike Bowden takes you through creating the new Beorning class. He also provides you with a short preview of Update 15.

Mind the boggled sound at the beginning. Mike said those responsible have been fired. Rightly so.

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