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Lord of the Rings Online: Update 13 - The Breaking of Isengard coming soon

Lord of the Rings Online Update 13:The Breaking of Isengard is on the horizon, and Turbine has released some more information on the continuation of the Epic Questline.

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In Update 13, players will return to Isengard and Fangorn Forest, where players will take part in restoring order to the devestation caused by Saruman and his dreaded Uruk Hai.

As in The Two Towers novel, a large group of Ents and Huorns led by Treebeard attack Isengard, sending Suruamn and Wormtounge fleeing back to the Tower of Orthanc. During the battle, many Ents and Hurons were burned to death, and to turn the tide in their favor, the walking trees tear down the dam holding back the river Isen, and flood the land.

Whether Update 13's storyline will adhere concurrent with the lore at this point remains to be seen, but that is the gist of what's occurring.

As promised earlier this year by executive producer Aaron Campbell, the mail system will see an upgrade, and will allow players to attach 10 items in one message. VIPs players will be able to check their mail while in the field, and Store Items can be sent to friends using a Mithril coin.

Lalia's Market will also have new items added, which can be purchased with Turbine Points or Mithril Coins per usual, and later this year, a new prototype of Hobnangians are expected.

There's also a new inventory system update, which revamps the slot system. Players will be able to customize their inventory by changing the size and number of slots in each bag and 15 new slots will be made available. This is great news for pack-rats.

Like Moria before it, the North Downs will get an upgrade with and improved space, and sometime in late 2014 or in 2015, the players will be heading within the boundaries of Gondor - just not all the way into the region.

Campbell also said back in March that a new character class will be introduced later this year.

Finally, LOTRO will be celebrating its 7th anniversary April 16-29. You can find out more information on the festivities through here.

A release date for The Breaking of Isengard has not been announced, but LOTRO players who have yet to purchase Helm's Deep will need to do so in order indulge.

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