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Lord of the Rings Online Update 10 changes up loot and armor set bonuses

The Lord of the Rings Online Update 10 is coming soon, and Jonathan Steady at Turbine has posted a Dev Diary to explain some upcoming changes to the game they haven't yet talked about, such as boss loot alterations and what's going on with armor set bonuses.

The main thrust of the changes to loot is that bosses in 3- and 6-player instances will now drop equipment, and raid boss chests will have equipment "hooked up" to them. Challenge Mode instances will have Challenge chests.

As for armor, sets bonuses will offer either stat boosts or skill modifiers, rather than both at the same time.

For more details on all this, you should check out RockX's diary. There are more little details that may affect the way you play.

Thanks, Massively.

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