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Lies of P's own developers might have accidentally confirmed DLC is on the way

No word on what it will be like or when to expect it, though.

Image credit: Neowiz

This year's weirdest Soulslike, Lies of P, looks like it might be getting some DLC in the future.

While it isn't an official confirmation just yet, the confirmation of DLC does come from a pretty reputable source: co-developer and publisher Neowiz Games itself. As spotted by Okami Games, Neowiz seems to have accidentally let slip that "DLC [is] planned for production," on its careers page. It seems like Neowiz has realised that this was publicly listed, though, as you can't actually head to the careers page, it just redirects to the Neowiz homepage. Also important is the fact that it specifically says the DLC is "planned" for production, meaning at most it's currently in pre-production.

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Because of that, you shouldn't expect any DLC to arrive until next year at the earliest. Obviously there's also the question as to what the DLC might be about; if you've finished the game and seen its post-credits scene, you know that there's some setup for a hilariously wild follow-up, but whether that's an idea for a sequel as opposed to DLC isn't clear just yet.

Lies of P launched last month to generally favourable reviews, though our own Sherif didn't quite agree in his two star review. "There’s some enjoyment to be found in Lies of P. Its action is competent, but lacks the polish and stir of its contemporaries," wrote Sherif. "Its atmosphere can be engrossing, but it’s a hodgepodge of themes and aesthetics you’ve seen before that never rises above the familiar. I was never impressed by it, and I never stopped questioning the point of the entire endeavour throughout my time with it."

I didn't come away with quite the same stance as Sherif; in fact, even if it's not as good as Bloodborne, I do think there's some potential for something special to come out of a sequel.

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