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Is Lies of P's Deluxe Edition worth going physical for?

It's got a steelbook case, a hardback tome of concept art, and we unboxed it in The Usual Way.

I was asked to unbox the Lies of P Deluxe Edition on the basis that I'm a puppet and so was Pinocchio, which I found crass, given that Pinocchio was one of the stringy ones and I am one of the ones with a hand up the backside. However I reluctantly agreed despite this in order to spend more time with my horrid son Vespasian (no relation).

What I found within was a copy of the game (useful for playing the game) and some other things. An art book was one of the things. It has concept art from before they started properly making the game. When people make games they often draw them first just to pretend, like when you used to draw a girlfriend.

The art is good, it's properly coloured in and everything (mostly within the lines). There is also some codes for "digital content" such as in-game items and the Sound Track, which I am not bothered about because I only like Fleetwood Mac and that one song by Alphaville. I do not like Foxy Lady by Jimi Hendrix so don't ask, as I am sick of those kinds of crass assumptions etc.

Watch this video where I unbox a game and my son has a knifeWatch on YouTube

If you're interested in playing Lies of P you should check out the reviews. Our very own Sherif Saed gave it Bog All out of Ten (2 stars on the grown-up scale) but other reviews are available if you're not happy with that. It got a nine off Screen Rant (a reputable doctor who website). I haven't played it because I don't have opposable thumbs and I'm also not a real entity.

Before I go I just want to say that it's been very nice to be given this opportunity and I hope to one day be trusted to do it again although I understand why that's not very likely. That's over 300 words now Dom can I go

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