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Lidia is coming to Tekken 8 this summer alongside balance changes, a photo mode, and a new story chapter

That's the prime minister of Poland

Lidia Tekken 8
Image credit: Bandai Namco

Lidia has been announced as the second season 1 DLC character for Tekken 8, returning from Tekken 7 where she first appeared in the game's later seasons. She's set to release in Summer 2024, though no exact date has been revealed.

This comes alongside the announcement that new free content updates are on the way too. This includes a balance upate, the seaside resort stage, and a photo mode. There's also a new chapter in the main story on the way, seemingly continuing the narrative beyond the climax in the base game. You can watch the trailer below!

This comes ahead of the Evo Japan 2024 Tekken 8 grand finals, where a variety of players from around the globe turned up to fight for first place. It's the first premier event for Tekken 8, which launched to positive reviews among players and competitors.

In recent months however, Tekken 8 has been hit with a variety of controversies. The Eddy Gordo update not only locked players without the character DLC from online replays where the character was present (even when you didn't want to play Eddy), its battle pass came under much critisism. Then there were character and gameplay changes that appeared to break the wall-splat state. Some of the more egrigious problems were fixed quickly, while others remain.

Are you excited for Lidia? Let us know below!

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