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Lewie’s Weekly Deals: Witcher 2, Deathsmiles, more

Welcome to Lewie's Weekly Deals, your essential weekly guide to all that is cheap in gaming. This week we've got three big preorders at nicely discounted prices, and two underground hits available for discounted prices. If this lot isn't enough for you, you can always go to, where you can find cheap games across all formats any day of the week. This weeks selection is after the break.

Splinter Cell Trilogy HD, PS3 – £22 delivered

Make decent saving by getting your preorder in early here, most other places are asking for around £25. Hopefully Ubisoft will put the effort into this rerelease. The first two I'm not all that fussed about, but Chaos Theory is deserving of a well put together remastered edition. I don't want to get my hopes up too much, Ubisoft have been responsible for some incredibly lazy ports over the years. On the plus side, BG&E HD worked out pretty well.

Deadly Premonition, Xbox 360 – £9.85 delivered

This has hovered around the £15 mark since release, and this is the first time I've seen it available for less than a tenner. I've not played this game, and opinions are all over the place, but there's more good than bad. You can always trade it back in to Gamestation for £9 via CEX price match if you don't like it.

Deathsmiles, Xbox 360 – £9.85 delivered

My copy of this is currently on its way to me (hopefully, you never know with Zavvi), so no impressions just yet, but every other Cave Shooter I've played has been solid. 2D shmups don't always get a fair treatment in review these days, but it looks like Deathsmiles managed to impress most reviewers. I guess I shall just keep playing the ios version of Espagluda 2 while I wait for this to arrive.

The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings [Premium Edition], PC – £22.99 delivered
Apply coupon “2HMVOFF20?.

The price just keeps creeping down for CD Projekt's hotly anticipated sequel. I wonder if anyone will drop it to £20 before its release next month. At the moment, this is the best deal going. It's the Premium edition, so it comes with: making of DVD, soundtrack, map, guide, coin and two Papercraft characters. You can check the system requirements here, and find more VG247 coverage here.

Deal of the week

Portal 2, PS3/PC/Mac – £29.99 delivered
Apply coupon “3HMVOFF30?.

This is the PS3 version, which comes with a free copy of the PC/Mac version via Steam. Valve are up to something. There's currently a crazy ARG going on leading up to Portal 2. Glados has infected Cogs, there's a text adventure hidden in Defence Grid, and if the cake was a lie, then the truth lies the potato. Portal 2 is probably going to be astounding, and I'm always ready for more from Valve. I look forwards to seeing how they outdo themselves this time.

Also of note:

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