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Everyone's favourite singing dog is next up on the Lego Animal Crossing docket

Music to my ears.

On the left, a Lego version of K K Slider, an anthropomorphic dog, is sat on a stool playing guitar. On the right, the box art for Animal Crossing New Horizons showing multiple player characters and villagers all near a beach doing various activities.
Image credit: Nintendo/ Lego

More Lego Animal Crossing sets are on the way, and this time they'll see the arrival of fan favourite singing dog K.K. Slider.

Back in March, Lego released its first collection of (slightly underwhelming) Animal Crossing sets, and as meh-looking as they might be, they sold like hotcakes. You can get your hands on them now, but at the time you might have struggled to pick up one of the sets. And now, earlier this week Lego announced that it has a couple more sets based on Animal Crossing on the way. The bigger of the two sets is based on Animal Crossing New Horizons' town hall, which includes the main building itself, a van, a cafe stand, and minifigs of Isabelle, Audie, and of the one and only K.K. Slider. The minifigs look really good, but the town hall is essentially just the front of it, so it's not very exciting.

The other set is of a Dodo Airlines airport, complete with control tower, dock, aeroplane, and minifigs of Wilbur and Tangy. Again, it's pretty cute, but mostly pretty dull - and you just know you're going to be charged a plastic arm and a leg for these things, despite not offering all that much. But hey, if you're a fan of simplicity, there might be something there for you at least!

This'll be Isabelle's second minifig, as you could also get one of her in her green vest outfit in the Isabelle's House Visit set, and obviously the town hall set might be worth it just for those of you that love K.K. Slider (I can't blame you, that dog can strum a guitar like nobody's business). While a price hasn't been set just yet, a release date has at the very least - August 1! So you've still got a few months to scrounge up the funds/ take out a loan to afford them.

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