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Leaked script offers insight into axed True Crime: Hong Kong

The third game in the True Crime series was planned to hit Hong Kong, focussing on Detective Wei Shen who was assigned to infiltrate the Triad. Unfortunately, the game was axed before it could be released, but this new leaked script gives a hint of just what we missed out on.

True Crime: Hong Kong

Siliconera comes to the rescue once again, with this document dated October 2010.

Activision and developer United Front Games had hyped up the game in anticipation, promising everybody that the undercover gameplay elements were top-notch. Neither company ever really spoke too much about the storyline - that's all about to change with a quick flip through this chunk of dialogue.

In prison, Wei Shen has been reunited with his old friend Johnny - who is, of course, connected to the Sun On Yee Triad - exactly the one the detective is investigating. Production notes explain that Johnny speaks in English, but that he must have a Cantonese accent. Nice touch!

A spoiler warning doesn't really apply, as the game's dead, but if you're at all concerned, maybe you shouldn't read this one.

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