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League of Legends suffers DDoS attacks, Riot talks legal action

League of Legends has suffered DDoS attacks, according to Riot, which says it plans on taking legal action on the matter.

Speaking in a post on the game's forums, Riot explained that a handful of players have been "attacking our live service to kill games that are in-progress."

"They’re doing this through a form of Distributed Denial of Service attack and not a hack," said a producer on the game. "As of yesterday’s hotfix, we’ve put some changes in place that prevent games from dying. Players in a targeted game will still experience lag and possibly be disconnected, but the client should now be able to reconnect to the game automatically and resume where it left off.

"To spell this out a little, if your client suddenly lags and presents you with a “Connecting screen” you should allow it to try its magic and reconnect you to the game. When it is successful this will allow you to rejoin the battle much quicker without reloading the client."

Steps have be taken to "identify these attackers" which will be removed from the service permanently.

"Additionally we are pursuing legal avenues and working with the proper authorities," said Riot. "We’re doing everything we can to implement short- and long-term solutions to fight these types of activities. When someone’s intentionally ruining the experience of other players, we take it very seriously."

Information on how widespread the issue or how long it's been going on were not divulged.

Thanks, PCGamesN.

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