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League of Legends season 12 launches today with vast new changes

With new rank visuals, a new VGU, and season 12 missions - the worlds' biggest MOBA is starting 2022 with a bang

League of Legends season 12 is launching today, bringing with it a vast collection of visual changes and new features for summoners to play around with as they head back into ranked. This marks League of Legends’ twelfth season since its launch in 2009, as well as the beginning of Riot’s first big push into 2022.

Players hoping into League’s new season may be shocked by the addition of a brand new character: Zeri. This electrifying marksman packs a wide variety of abilities that emphasize movement and storing up energy that can be released in huge explosions of damage.

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League players will be able to vote on the next visual overhaul for champions who desperately need a top-to-bottom makeover. These include Kogmaw, Nocturne, Tryndamere, Shyvana, and Skarner. I don’t know about anyone reading this, but my fingers crossed for everyone’s favourite scorpion!

We’re also getting a selection of small but equally cool changes with season 12. Ranks are getting their own visual upgrade, so that you can better show off your skills with style. There are also new missions kicking off the season which run from today all the way until January 13, giving those eager to jump in a chance to earn some luscious prizes.

Wild rift is also getting some big additions - the biggest being huge terrain changes. Each match, the map will be themed after one of the original four elemental drakes: infernal, cloud, ocean, or mountain. Upcoming champions have also been revealed, starting with Sett and Yummi with patch 3.0, while Shen and Karma are due with patch 3.1.

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Finally, challenges are being added to League of legends, allowing players to work towards other goals aside from a high number of kills or simply winning games. Don’t let this be an excuse for throwing away games though, you should always be playing to win!

Riot Games recently settled their ongoing gender discrimination lawsuit, which was raised against them following an investigation into the company back in 2018. The developer has agreed to give out $100 million to current and former female employees of the studio.

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