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Starfield will feature a handy robot companion named VASCO

Get to know your robot companion.

In Starfield, you will be exploring the stars with various companions, but one may stand out from the rest: the lovable robot VASCO.

The latest developer diary for Starfield discusses the companion, which is a favorite among the game's developers.

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“It’s always fascinating to see who the breakout characters are, who players start to gravitate toward,” said lead artist Istvan Pely. “Even early in the process, before we had the full suite of characters, people in the studio started gravitating toward a robot. Toward VASCO.

"He’s your buddy, but he’s a robot. But all of the sudden everyone on the team decided ‘I want a relationship with VASCO. He’s so cool. He’s so much fun.’ He became a breakout character, and we were just getting started.”

The expeditionary robot was built to meet the needs of Constellation's mission. The group's companion is a utilitarian heavy-industrial machine, and well-suited to space travel.

VASCO is very dependable, capable of traversing rough terrain, can haul around survival gear, and has a nice payload capacity for extended overland travel. Should the need arise, VASCO has defensive capabilities, but the robot's primary role is peaceful.

Check out the short video above to learn more about the companion.

Starfield arrives exclusively on Xbox Series X/S and PC on November 11 and will be a day one Xbox Game Pass title.

Here's everything we know so far about Bethesda's upcomimg sci-fi RPG.

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