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Kuma Reality developer Amir Hekmati sentenced to death in Iran

Kuma Reality Games developer Amir Mirzaei Hekmati has been sentenced to death by the Iranian government which has accused him of espionage and working for the CIA.

The developer, an Arizona-born Iranian-American and former US Marine, was detained by Iranian officials last August while visiting his grandparents in the country due to work he did for Kuma in 2009 on a language-retention toolset for soldiers. The project was funded by a $95,000 grant from the Department of Defense.

According to Iran's Tehran Times, Hekmati confessed to working with the CIA on creating "free special movies and games with the aim of manipulating public opinion in the Middle East."

"The goal of the company in question was to convince the people of Iran and the people of the entire world that whatever the U.S. does in other countries is a good measure,” he said in a taped confession via The New York Times.

The White House and the State Department has denied the allegations against Hekmati and has called for his immediate release.

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