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Iranian spy implicates game dev as US propaganda arm

Iranian state TV networks "revealed" that an alleged confessed spy has implicated a New York game developer as a propaganda arm of the US government. The game developer in question is Kuma Games, a New York-based FPS developer that makes the Kuma/War games which recreate significant acts in US military wars/conflicts in video game form. For instance, you can go play the assassination of Osama Bin Laden if you're inclined to do so.

The supposed spy, Amir Mirza Hekmati, (who, for clarity, is saying he was a spy for the Americans that was discovered by the Iranians) says that Kuma is attempting to distort American views of the Middle-East by altering those events to be more favorable to Americans.

The claims don't seem to be being taken very seriously though. Probably because it's pretty obvious to anybody who takes even a cursory glance at Kuma that they have an interest in distorting global events to be pro-American. You don't need to be a spy to make that allegation.

However, it's just much more likely that Kuma is in the business of catering to gun-toting, staunchly Pro-America military fans. Nobody wants to play a morally conflicted military shooter (especially one that's based on real events, which is a double bummer.) This issue is much more simply explained as a company profiting off of people who want an overly simplified view of the world.

Via Kotaku.

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