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Kojima "wanted" to develop complete MGS4 edition, doesn't have time


A Trophies, 3D and Move-enabled version of Metal Gear Solid 4? Sounds like the sweet life, huh? Too bad you're most likely not going to be getting it now.

Hideo Kojima has tweeted he would like to have seen an ultimate edition of Guns of the Patriots enabled with 3D, Move and trophies, the latter of which the most asked feature for the game from fans since its release in June 2008.

But when asked if he would do it, he admitted he'd like to have done it, but it would get in the way of making a new game.

"I wanted to make a 'Complete Version' with trophy support and 3D, but if I did that I wouldn't be able to work on a new game," he tweeted when asked by a fan about the idea.

"I wonder if someone else would make it for me," he added.

For the record, you should totally accept Guns of the Patriots for it is, really: as one of the best games ever.

Konami confirmed last night the next MGS console title, Rising, will re-appear at TGS.

Thanks, Andriasang.

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