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Kingdom Hearts is beatable with a Dance Dance Revolution pad, as proven by a Twitch streamer

MomoPkmn95 was inspired by similar challenge runs.

Turns out that the first Kingdom Hearts can be beaten in its entirety using a Dance Dance Revolution 2 pad, as proven by a Twitch streamer.

While we're all waiting on the next two installments of Kingdom Hearts, certain players have taken the liberty of proving that there's more than one way to beat the games (via PCGamesN). Twitch streamer MomoPkmn95, inspired by players beating games in silly ways, decided to try out something similar, and landed on beating the original Kingdom Hearts with a DDR2 dance pad.

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"I became curious about using a dance pad as a PS2 controller," MomoPkmn95 explained to PCGamesN. "The idea worked, however, it was very limiting." The streamer had to put some effort into getting the "right PC setup," but once they had what they needed, they decided to make it happen. And in the end, MomoPkmn95 even managed to beat all of the superbosses in the game.

If you aren't even remotely familiar with Kingdom Hearts as a series, you might look at it, see the friendly faces of Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse, and somewhat fairly think 'baby game.' Those a bit more familiar with it know that that's a load of s**t though, especially those who have faced some of the superbosses in the game.

The first game has a number of incredibly challenging fights, including the man with the most luxurious hair in video games, Sephiroth, as well as Kurt Zisa, a boss named after some New Yorker that won a contest.

MomoPkmn95, however, managed to achieve the already incredibly challenging feat of beating all of the superbosses in the game using the dance pad, on top of playing through the entire game. You can see the compilation of the superbosses below, or head to MomoPkmn95's YouTube channel to watch the finale of them beating the game.

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