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Kinect Star Wars detailed: lightsabers, voice commands

Microsoft and LucasArts have finally begun to lift the lid on what is almost certainly Kinect's most anticipated title: Star Wars.

Entertainment Weekly previewed the game, pulling the wraps off Jedi Destiny mode. In this campaign, the player will control one of a selection of brand new characters, and romp through a plot set shortly after the events of Episode One.

Proceeding right through to the end of Episode Three, the story is said to visit locations from all six movies, including Bespin, seen in The Empire Strikes Back.

You'll get to fight Darth Vader, use voice commands, and bring along a friend for co-op play. Sold.

Other gameplay modes were mentioned but not detailed, however players will be able to lift and throw objects with the Force; drive a pod-racer; shoot from an X-wing; and, most importantly, use a lightsaber.

Thankfully, LucasArts has taken steps to ensure your on-screen Jedi isn't as flail-eriffic as you're quite likely to be (sorry).

"If I am doing these actions, and if I am seeing the character on screen repeating those actions, I want to look bad-ass," said lead producer Craig Derrick.

"We decided to augment the animation, so when I sweep my hand right to left with my lightsaber, it’s going to look cool. That was a major challenge and it works."

Kinect Star Wars was one of the first title to be shown at the motion controller's debut, but is yet to see the light of day. Microsoft released a short teaser for the game last week.

Thanks, Joystiq.

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