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Players will really "get to know" Rico's personality in Just Cause 3

Who Is Rico Rodriguez? Well, he's the protagonist in the Just Cause series, and today, you can learn more about him through a developer diary.

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The first in a series of Just Cause 3 video diaries, this episode features the team at Avalanche Studio discussing how this time around, players will really "get to know" Rico's personality.

There's also some "behind the scenes, work-in-progress" footage being show for the first time.

This video also touches upon the wingsuit and how Rico's trusty grappling hook can be used while gliding in the air.

Other entries will focus on new skills and abilities and how the team have brought him to life.

Those attending gamescom next week will be able to play the first public demo of Just Cause 3 at one of Square Enix's game stations.

Just Cause 3 launches for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One December 1.

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