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Just Cause 3 Daredevil Jump Locations - Vehicle Unlocks

Earn new vehicles by completing these 30 Daredevil Jumps in Just Cause 3.

In Just Cause 3, players can embrace their reckless side by completing Daredevil Jumps throughout Medici. Completing all 30 stunt jumps will unlock new vehicles, as well as the Consummate Daredevil achievement. Follow along with this Just Cause 3 Daredevil Jump Locations guide to track down each Daredevil Jump location. By following this guide you’ll unlock the Custom Kletterer 300, Custom Geschwind Motorcycle, and Incendario Monster Truck.

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Just Cause 3 Daredevil Jump Locations

The Daredevil Jumps are located on three islands in Medici: Insula Dracon, Insula Fonte, and Insula Striate. Completing all the jumps found throughout each island will unlock a unique vehicle for your garage. We’ve included the provinces and map coordinates for each jump location below.

Insula Dracon Just Cause 3 Daredevil Jump Locations

Upon completion of these ten Daredevil Jumps on Insula Dracon, the Custom Kletterer 300 off-road Quad vehicle will become available as a Rebel Drop.

1. Petra Province (41.24 N, 37.34 E)

North of the jump, you’ll find a car near the small guarded area. Use the ramp south of the Puncta Sud landing. There is a guard tower where you land after the jump. The guards here will likely attack if you have not yet liberated Puncta Sud.

2. Petra Province (42.06 N, 36.76 E)

This jump will launch you south over Espia Bassa, and requires a great deal of speed. Use a vehicle with decent thrusters to clear the gap. Keep in mind that you can deploy your parachute after the jump and grapple to reach the other side if necessary.

3. Petra Province (42.15 N, 36.83 E)

In the northern area of Espia Bassa, head northeast until you discover the ramp at the end of the road. Gain enough speed to launch over the buildings and land on the road down below.

4. Corda Dracon Province (42.89 N, 36.29 E)

Travel along the northern road leading northeast out of Corda Dracon: Centcom. Clear the jump at the ramp location, and land on a road down below that leads to ramp #5. You should be able to clear both ramp jumps (#4 & #5) back to back, as they are along the same route.

5. Corda Dracon Province (42.79 N, 36.59 E)

From jump #4, continue to travel east along the road until you reach a ramp where the road ends. Simply jump how you wish, landing on the road down below.

Earn the Custom Kletterer 300 Quad vehicle by completing the jumps on Insula Dracon.

6. Trio Province (42.40 N, 35.37 E)

Travel out of Guardia Trio I, heading north along the east road until you reach a dirt road that curves around the mountain. The jump will land you on a narrow two-lane bridge below. Try to reach a speed of at least 140 km/h, and shift slightly to the left while airborne to land on the bridge near the tunnel entrance.

7. Capite West Province (43.49 N, 35.58 E)

Follow along the dirt road in the east until you reach a ramp near some water. Launch over the water to reach the road with a ramp on the opposite side, which happens to be the ramp for jump #8.

8. Capite West Province (43.51 N, 35.60 E)

Head southwest along a road that leads toward Capite West Province. There is a ramp at the end of the road, which is also the ramp you landed on after jump #7. If you just finished jump #7, simply turn around and clear the jump across the water again, but in the opposite direction, landing on the dirt road entering into Capite West.

9. Capite West Province (43.80 N, 34.94 E)

In the northern region of Capite West Province, look for a ramp on the far end of the Porto Cavo airstrip. Prepare for this jump by having your parachute ready, as you will land in a body of water below with no real safe landing zone. If you haven’t liberated this area yet, prepare to steal a vehicle after landing in order to make a quick getaway.

10. Capite Est Province (43.79 N, 36.15 E)

Locate a ramp along a dirt road leading into Espia Alta from the west. This dirt road branches east from the regular road, launching you over some water and straight into Espia Alta below. Liberate this location first to avoid enemy conflict upon landing. If you haven’t liberated the area yet, go ahead and make the jump, then look for a road to the south where you can land with your parachute safely.

Insula Fonte Just Cause 3 Daredevil Jump Locations

Completing the 13 jumps found on Insula Fonte grants access to the Custom Geschwind Motorcycle through the Rebel Drop.

1. Feno Province (42.68 N, 42.87 E)

Follow a dirt path leading off the main road, making sure to dodge a few barricades as you travel toward Babica. Try to lower your speed just before launching off the ramp in order to safely land on the road below.

2. Plagia Province (42.54 N, 43.30 E)

Travel along the highway heading west out of Plagia. Locate a dirt road along the north side of the highway. Build up some decent speed, and soar westward off of the ramp into the valley down below, landing in Feno.

3. Feno Province (42.13 N, 42.44 E)

Locate a dirt road leading out of Feno and into Lavanda. Look for a car close to the ramp just past the nearby outpost, which contains vehicles as well. Keep your car steady to land this jump safely.

4. Lavanda Province (41.89 N, 42.61 E)

Locate a short dirt path that stems from the main road, leading north into Sancte Lucas. You should be able to spot the ramp at the end of the dirt path. The multi-lane road below is aligned with your jump path, allowing you to land this jump quite easily.

5. Feno Province (41.68 N, 43.05 E)

Look for the ramp at the end of a long dirt road in the southern region of Feno. You can reach this road by using your grapple to climb from the base of the mountain, just below the ramp. The dirt road slopes downhill, offering a bit of extra momentum for clearing this jump, even for slower vehicles.

6. Lacos Province (40.76 N, 43.47 E)

Locate a ramp at the end of a short paved path near a wind turbine just south of the main road. If you need a vehicle, check for a car to steal along the main road to the north, or head over to the outpost further to the west. The landing is a bit rough, as you will likely tumble down the hill into the city below, so just be prepared to parachute out if necessary.

Achieving the 13 jumps on Insula Fonte grants access to the Custom Geschwind Motorcycle.

7. Lacos Province (40.87 N, 43.74 E)

Look for a dirt path with a ramp that leads southeast towards the main road. Hop into a fast vehicle, and prepare to speed down the curvy stretch leading to the jump. With enough speed, you should be able to safely land near the intersection along the main road to the east down below.

8. Lacos Province (41.01 N, 44.41 E)

Along the far east border of Lacos Province, locate a dirt path branching east from the main road out of Fortalessa. Be mindful of the small bump in the road just before hitting the dirt path, as this can misalign your ramp trajectory. Maintain a decent speed and try to brake just before touching down in order to land on the road in Baia below.

9. Baia Province (40.30 N, 44.62 E)

Locate a dirt path with a ramp in the southern section of Baia. There should be plenty of cars nearby if you need a vehicle. This jump is pretty easy, as long as you line up your landing with the road down below that leads to the lighthouse.

10. Baia Province (40.15 N, 44.56 E)

Locate a ramp leading southeast in the southern region of Baia, near a wind turbine. Launch off the ramp toward the lighthouse in the distance, clearing this jump with ease.

11. Baia Province (40.02 N, 43.77 E)

Follow along the highway at the base of the mountain in the southern part of Baia, and locate a dirt path leading west from the highway. This ramp will fling you over a huge chasm, so try to build as much speed as possible before making this jump. Do your best to land on one of the roads along the hillside below, but keep your parachute ready just in case.

12. Sirocco Nord Province (39.04 N, 42.87 E)

Look for this ramp at the end of a short dirt path leading south from the main road in Sirocco Nord. Try to avoid hitting the large tree that is lined up with your jump path as you land. Try to inch slightly to the left or right as you launch off the ramp to avoid the tree, and slow down a bit just before touching down to stick the landing on the road.

13. Sirocco Sud Province (38.51 N, 42.50 E)

Look for this ramp along a dirt road leading up from Cirilla in the southern part of Sirocco Sud. After launching from this ramp, you will land along a road between some open farmland. As long as you brake just after landing, you should be able to stick this landing easily without crashing into the stone wall.

Insula Striate Just Cause 3 Daredevil Jump Locations

Upon successful completion of these seven Daredevil Jumps in Insula Striate, players will unlock the hefty Incendario Monster Truck, perfect for trampling through traffic.

1. Libeccio Province (45.74 N, 35.18 E)

Locate this ramp at the end of a dirt road that curves around the west side of Vista Dracon. Try to build up enough speed to break through the barrier. This ramp will send you flying down the hillside, so prepare for the drop.

2. Val De Mar Province (44.73 N, 42.36 E)

In the southernmost area of Val De Mar Province, follow along the dirt road heading west to locate this ramp. If you need a vehicle, snag one from Guardia Val De Mar IV nearby and plow it through the chain fence. Launching from this ramp will cause you to land near the exit of an outpost, towards Prima Province.

Players earn the Incendario Monster Truck after completing the seven jumps on Insula Striate.

3. Costa Sud Province (44.30 N, 45.45 E)

Locate the main road that curves around the north side of Perla Est. Look for a dirt road with a ramp that shoots off to the south, into Perla Est. Try to gain a decent amount of speed before making the jump into the city down below.

4. Costa Sud Province (46.12 N, 44.42 E)

Locate a ramp at the end of a dirt road along the mountainside to the east of Sancte Evita. This jump will launch you north across the snow-covered landscape into Val De Mar. Keep your vehicle steady to land this jump with ease.

5. Val De Mar Province (46.73 N, 42.06 E)

Along the main road just east of the Mountain Pass Sprint, locate a ramp at the end of a dirt road leading southwest. Keep your parachute ready as you soar off the ramp into the valley. If you make this jump with too much speed, you may end up crashing into the railroad tunnel below.

6. Litore Torto Province (47.42 N, 45.72 E)

Snag a car from a small city in the south of Litore Torto Province. Travel along the dirt road leading east from the city as it curves around the mountain. Keep following this dirt road until you reach the jump ramp. Start far back along the road to gain plenty of speed for the jump. If you can launch far enough over the trees, you should be able to reach the road along the hillside below when you land.

7. Litore Torto Province (49.22 N, 45.05 E)

Travel uphill along the road leading toward Sancte Malco. As the road forks, take the left route leading north of Sancte Malco. If you need a vehicle, look for a car along the main road if necessary. This ramp will send you flying over the snowy mountainside, landing you into the lower valley just past a set of railroad tracks. Keep your parachute ready for a quick escape before your vehicle tumbles down the mountain.

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