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Just Cause 3 add-on Sky Fortress hits next week for pass holders

Just Cause 3's first content pack in the Air, Land and Sea Expansion Pass, Sky Fortress, will be released on March 8 for those who own the season pass.

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In preparation for the new content, the main game will also be receiving a new update tomorrow, March 4.

As previously reported, Sky Fortress comes with a new set of missions introducing the eDEN Corporation which uses an army of deadly robotic drones to make your life rather miserable.

Luckily, Rico Rodriguez will use a new upgradeable, rocket-powered, Bavarium Wingsuit which has machine guns mounted to the shoulders to put them in their place.

He will also use the Eviction personal defense drone and the Bavarium Splitter assault rifle. All of these new items can be carried over into the full game.

Here's what's coming in tomorrow's update:

  • Reduced initial loading time and in-game loading screens by 20-50%
  • Fixed several memory leaks resulting in crashes
  • Reduced a number of random crashes
  • Improved streaming of game world
  • Some performance optimizations related to hitches and stuttering
  • Implemented DLC system in preparation of the Air, Land and Sea packages

Sky Fortress will be released to the general public on March 15 and will be priced at $11.99/€11.99/£9.49.

You can also purchase the Air, Land and Sea Expansion Pass for $24.99/€24.99/£19.99. All three content packs will be available before the end of summer 2016 and released one week early to Expansion Pass holders.

Just Cause 3 is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

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