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Johann Sebastian Joust invites his Sportsfriends to PS3 and PC

I can see the elevator pitch now, “The game is akin to trying to knock other players ice-cream cones to the ground, whilst protecting your own ice-cream cone, all to classical music that sped up and slowed down!”. Sounds crazy, but not only does it work, it’s been beloved by many who have played it and proves that game play is about the game, not the graphics. Along with Johann Sebastian Joust, three other games are packaged with it to produce the Sportsfriends bundle.

Starting today on Kickstarter, the aim is to bring these four local multiplayer games to the Playstation, with PC releases following after. The four games will include:

  • Johann Sebastian Joust
  • BaraBariBall
  • Super Pole Riders
  • Hokra

Douglas Wilson, Noah Sasso, Bennett Foddy and Ramiro Corbetta bring a very wide and varied vision to how games can be played, and the specific focus on the joy of gaming with friends first and foremost, is certainly a space that's quite under-developed in the market. What is normally delegated to "party games", this genre is begging to be explored and this range of games could just be the start of a very good thing in gaming.

There's plenty of further information over on the Kickstarter project page for your perusing. As per usual, the more to back, the more you'll get. Additional games, equipment, and knick knacks are available for those with the inclination and cash to spare. I mean invest.

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