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It's business as usual at Capcom despite Inafune's resignation


Capcom has said Keiji Inafune's resignation won't affect games currently in development, and it has already assigned producers to the games he was working on.

Speaking with Kotaku, a Capcom spokesperson told the site the publisher is currently "restructuring its operations" and has been for quote some time so as not to be "dependent on any single individual".

"Therefore, we do not believe Mr. Inafune's departure will have an effect on our business operations," said the representative. "Regarding specific titles, we have already assigned new and talented producers to those titles which have already been announced and their further development is progressing smoothly.

"We will continue to follow our previously stated policy that calls for collaboration with leading domestic and foreign studios in order to create new titles."

Since his resignation, Capcom has moved around some of its corporate officers, appointing Katsuhiko Ichii, for one, as head of development.

"The new development management team will continue to carry forward our business and will be comprised of senior figures within the organization including: corporate officer Nobuyuki Matsushima; corporate officer Jun Takeuchi; assistant deputy head of consumer game business division Taichiro Genbun; general manager of CS R&D strategic planning department Hiroyuki Kobayashi and general manager of consumer games quality control department Shutaro Kobayashi," said the spokesperson.

Inafune would have left his position at the end of November, but has chosen to use his accumulated vacation time to instead leave at the end of October.

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