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Infinity Ward Vs VG247 readers - no holds barred


We asked you for questions about Modern Warfare 2. You told us. We asked Infinity Ward's Rob Bowling at a London hotel about an hour ago. We managed to get in 14 questions for you, and Rob answered everything. He's a very good sport.

So. Here you go. Hit the link.

Dralen: Has the PC version been delayed?

Rob Bowling: Officially, no.

SlayerNL: Has the team been working closely with Microsoft and Sony to handle day one traffic on the multiplayer side?

Rob Bowling: Yes, very much. And we have been throughout the development of the game.

SlayerNL - Will there be a Steam version?

Rob Bowling: Yes.

SlayerNL - Will there be Prestige in the PC version?

Rob Bowling: Yes. These are easy.

ReeceHeywood - Not everyone has Xbox Live or PSN so will the game feature offline bots for use in multiplayer?

Rob Bowling: No, there are no offline bots. But you have Spec Ops mode for offline split-screen which is, you know, pretty much the same thing.

Herlock - Do you like Bobby Kotick?

Rob Bowling: [Laughs] I love Bobby Kotick.

Herlock - Are you tired of the war-based FPS yet?

Rob Bowling: No. Right now we love making what we're making, and if we didn't love it we'd move onto something else.

JonFE - Does IW directly benefit from Modern Warfare 2's premium pricing?

Rob Bowling: No.

djhsecondnature - Are you worried that the UK price hike will deter some potential buyers from playing your game?

Rob Bowling: No.

bobbymington/Windsmeare - Any plans for aliens or zombies?

Rob Bowling: Never. Never ever.

SticKboy - Bobby Kotick's made some pretty controversial comments in recent months. Are you worried that the way he's perceived may have an affect on marketing and PR for Infinity Ward products?

Rob Bowling: No. I think people appreciate our games for what they are, and can separate what we do from what Activision does.

SticKboy - Do you foresee Activision making similar mistakes as EA before John Riticiello came in and re-focussed on quality and innovation?

Rob Bowling: No. We're always focussed, as Infinity Ward, on quality and innovation.

SticKboy - Can you please explain the price disparity between CoD:MW2 and a) CoD:MW1; b) The US price ($59.99 vs £55.99) and c) Battlefield: Bad Company 2?

Rob Bowling: [Laughs] That is an Activision question.

SticKboy - If you had the power, would you seek Bobby Kotick’s replacement?

Rob Bowling: [Proper laugh] Yeah, I can't answer that.

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